Deathgasm: A Glorious Horror Comedy That Will Melt Your Face. 

Title: Deathgasm

Release Date: October 2, 2015 

Plot Summary: Two teenage metalheads, along with two nerds, form a band and accidentally summon a demon. They encounter plenty of gore, and comedy along the way, as they try to right their mistake.

Review: I swear, I didn’t intentionally pick another moivie about Satan and metalheads so close to my previous review, but here we are. This film is glorious. Maybe its the fact that Brodie (Milo Cawthorne) is kinda adorable, in that awkward, nice guy kinda way, maybe its because the idea of two metalheads fighting demon possessed people with sex toys is amusing. Yes this happens in one scene,it is also glorious. Jason Lei Howden, you are amazing and I salute you for writing that in the script. 

D’awwww ( I Seriously Question My Taste In Men)

The adorable one in corpse paint above is Brodie, and rather than go with a stereotypical asshole role, he’s quite the polite one, even when he does take a sander to his friend’s demon possessed father. This movie goes more for the so gory its humorous tone that Evil Dead 2 and Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive ( Brain Dead in  America) went for. So, if you don’t want see a guy’s dick cut off , amongst other gory kills, I would avoid this one. But Brodie isn’t alone in his quest for metal, along for the ride is Zakk (James Blake), as well as Giles and Dion (Daniel Cresswell and Sam Berkeley). Zakk is more like the stereotypical metalhead asshole, but under it all is a heart of gold. A heart that pauses to apply corpse paint before rescuing his friends, but the thought is what counts.

He’s Enjoying This Way Too Much…

Poor Giles and Dion are regulated to nerd stereotypes, not that it doesn’t  lead to some rather amusing moments. ( I don’t think anyone wants to watch two nerds play D&D) Where does Satan come into this? Well, at the urging of Zakk, Both he and Brodie break into a washed up musician’s house. This musician has a set of music sheets that, when played, summon an eyeless hellspawn. This leads to the locals becoming blood fountains ( out of every possible orifice) and acting like Deadites ( seriously, if you liked Evil Dead 2, this won’t disappoint). 

But, I’m forgetting someone, Medina (Kimberly Grossman), the local popular girl and former girlfriend to Brodie’s asshole cousin. She shows some skills with an ax, and is quite good at one liners herself.

Most Awkward Ice Cream Date Ever..

The special effects, at least the physical ones, are great, which when you’re dealing with a gore centric movie, are a make or break element. This does not disappoint. Although some effects got a bit iffy. Zakk’s makeup, once he becomes possessed, is on point, and the generic goon’s have had as much care put into them.

I Preferred The Corpse Paint..

Highlights: The comedy is great and consists of quick gags that know when to stop. Gore effects are top notch and the characters are engaging.  I had very few issues with this movie.

Rock On Film, Rock On.

Recommendations: Fans of gory horror comedies will love this. Metalheads will have the added fun of playing spot the band reference. Rent this one, buy it, Netflix it. Find some way to watch this one.

Next week, I’ll be going back to a more psychological horror film. Until, then,go out and melt some faces, dear readers.


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