Black Circle Boys: Satanism and Stupidity. 

Title: Black Circle Boys

Release Date: January 1st, 1997

Plot Summary: Troubled teen Kyle, after his friend’s death, is moved to another town. Here, he meets Shane Carver: local metal head, druggie, and Satan worshipper. A comraderie soon forms and Kyle spirals deeper into delinquency, until Shane goes too far. Soon, murders start occurring, and Kyle must confront his former friend.

Review: The best things about this movie were Donnie Wahlberg’s performance as Greggo, and Eric Mabius going shirtless a few times. Well, that’s not entirely true. In between scenes of generic teen angst and Mabius hamming it up, there are quiet scenes of character building that lend another side to these angst machines in black. Yeah, this movie goes for the delinquent metal heads are a bad influence route. Except there’s no real references to metal, or bands. At one point they attempt to form a band. Key word being attempt, the best they do is play instruments that aren’t plugged in, get drunk, and act like assholes.

Can We Go Back to Shirtless, Moody Mabius?

Let’s get to the two, rather large, elephants in the room. Donnie Wahlberg plays Greggo, who is all kinds of nope. Every time he was on screen, I expected him to start molesting poor Kyle (Scott Bairstow). The way Wahlberg plays it up doesn’t help. Just imagine this guy asking if you’d like to fuck him, calling you pretty boy, and touching you without your permission.. *shudder*

Nope. Nope. Fucking Nope.

The only other one who has any life in this film is Shane Carver ( Eric Mabius). Imagine that edgy kid you went to highschool with, mix in some Satan worship, and a shitty home life, and you have his character. Eric Mabius is one of those hit or miss actors for me. He either has all the emotion of a wooden plank, or is the best thing about the film. His wooden plank acting tends to show when he’s not going for macho posturing bullshit, which is what most of this film is.

Stupid, Sexy Shane

He does well with the moody scenes, and I found these far more enjoyable than the shouty, druggie, badass moments. This plot is about as clichéd as you can get when it comes to teen angst stories. You got the new kid, who is rebelling something fierce. His parents are emotionally distant, the local gang of delinquents appeals to him. Suddenly you have wanton destruction and a big scene where he realizes its too much and quits. Here, however, Shane has rather pronounced control issues. He needs attention and validation, and anyone who attempts to leave the circle is gonna pay with their lives. When shit hits the fan, Shane snaps and goes on a murder spree. But not before attempting emotional manipulation and being adorably gloomy.

Stop Making Me Feel For You Dammit..

This could have been a chilling tale of teen issues gone wrong, but instead, it limps along with its dull, paint by numbers plot. A lack of direction appears to be at partial fault here, as no one really knows what the Hell to do. Most of these actors are, like in Satanic, TV experienced only. Mabius’ other movies being a bland direct-to-tv Crow Sequel and a good vs evil borefest, amongst others.

Highlights: Donnie Whalberg’s portrayal of Greggo and Eric Mabius being adorably broody in scenes. And shirtless.

Don’t Worry, I’ll Get to You..

Recommendations: I would only reccomend this to those who can stand clichéd teen stories, or Eric Mabius fans. Donnie Wahlberg fans will be dissapointed, as he barely does anything. Find it on a streaming site (legal of course) if you feel interested.

Next week will be this thing… *Sigh*


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